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Short Summary of the Durood Majlis (during the Spiritual Retreat)


3rd Rabiul Awwal 1436

Durood Majlis

Cure the 'flu' of the heart...

To follow Shariah will bring nur into your life. How do we bring a change into our life?

Everyone knows what a sin is. Everyone knows what is wrong and what is right.

The most important thing is to act upon what we have learnt.

There are rarely any actions regarding which we are not sure of it being a sin or not. We all know to have a lack of hijab in weddings etc is a sin, but we still do it.

Your heart will not be completed simply by listening to two lectures.

If someone has a heart illness, he will need to be hospitalised and operated on. In the same way, if some one has a problem with his heart spiritually, he should go to someone who can help him correct it.

When someone has a heart illness, and is not physically well, then whatever he does, he will not find happiness in it. If he spends time with his friends, he will not enjoy it. Until he recovers he will not enjoy his food etc.

In the same way, when one's heart is spiritually ill, he likes to sin and all worship seems hard and unenjoyable for him.

When someone has a corrected heart, one sin will be so serious to him that he will not be able to enjoy his food for days.

Maulana Rumi RA says, there was a market where perfume was sold. Once a man who didn't usually enter the market entered the market. He fainted upon entering. Many people started gathering around him trying to make him regain his conciousness but to no avail. Someone informed his brother who came running with some medicine in his hand up his sleeve. Everyone started asking what this 'miracle' cure was. After many people questioned him he told them, 'I had dog's stool in my hand. The truth is, my brother works cleaning the toilets. He is so used to the smell of stool that when smelling this sweet perfume he lost consciousness. So I brought this smell he is used to for him to regain consciousness.

Maulana Rumi RA says: Today our heart has become dirty, we like to see ghair maharim, we like to hear wrong things, but performing salah scares us.

If our heart is corrected, we will be able to perform salah in the night, and we will be able to recite the Quran each day!

Who does not know that it is a sin to be disobedient

We have become so habituated and engrossed in this sin we think that it is normal.

In the past if someone borrowed a pen from a person that cost even £1, to make sure he would return it he would spend hundreds of pounds and travel hundreds of miles, if necessary.

But nowadays, we take thousands of pound and cheat others of thounsands of pounds without a care.

If a person falls ill, he won't like the taste of water. In the same way, one won't enjoy salah until he cures his spiritual illness

When a person changes the state of his heart, he himself will know what is right and wrong.

There was a pious person in the Subcontinent called Khwaja Mushky. He would always carry a smell of a perfume that was unique. His friends asked, what is the perfume you use?

He replied, that he doesn't use perfume. He explained saying that once when he was passing by a house an old woman called him and said theres an ill person inside. She asked him to make a prayer by his side. So he agreed. He then entered the house to find a beautiful woman inside, who said to him I have fallen in love with you. He refused her, but she said if you don't do what I tell you to, I will call the police and say you are harassing me

He then said i need to relieve myself and went to the bathroom. When he went inside he covered himself with stool so the woman would stay away from him. He then exited the bathroom. The woman was surprised and shocked. She allowed him to leave. He then went to the nearby well and cleansed himself. After this he always carried a perfume smell wherever he went. Allah found him a way out of the almost impossible situation due to his efforts of correcting him heart.

Today every one who is sinning knows he is sinning. He thinks that there is fun in what he is doing. Cure the flu of the heart!

The one cleanses his heart will be successful, the one who doesnot cleanse his heart will be unsuccessful.

The cure to the 'flu' of the heart:

  • When someone dies go to help with his/her ghusl. At least once a month. Realise this is going to be us one day

  • Frequent the cemetery Nowadays even during the Janaza people start discussing worldly matters.

  • Before sleeping, lay in the manner in which a deceased lays. keep the eyes front as a deceased person's eyes are. Think that someone will be taking me to the cemetery.

  • When someone's death is announced, ponder that it could be you.

We have been going to lectures for many years! But have we changed? May Allah reward the lecturers.

We continue to backbite about others, listen to music etc.

Until our heart is not corrected we will not be successful. This is what our elders have told us.

The elders of the past used to take it seriously! Hadhrat Moinudeen Chishti RA once left the Wudhu area and fainted. when he regained consciousnes he said "after twenty years I have forgotten to do khilal of my fingers". This was not fardh and not wajib. but still he took it seriously!

The blindness of the heart is more serious than the blindness of the eyes!

When our hearts are corrected it will be as though Jannah and Jahannam are in front of us.

If someone hasn't corrected their heart, they will return home after this programme, eat their dinner and forget what has been discussed.

When you hear the announcement of someone's death, think that it may be you one day. If you start to think like this, you will realise what salah actually is and how important it is to stay away from sin.

Do tawbah, and try to remove the blindness of your heart using the methods given. Ask the pious people, the knowledgable who know. The pious predecessors would write hundreds of letters to their Shuyookh asking for the cure to their illnesses.

For how long will you listen and not ignore the advice given?

For how long will you listen and continue to sin.

Hadhrat asked everybody to ponder and reflect on their lifestyle.

There was a short dua after the majlis. Hadhrat advised us to return home and make a dua individually.

O Allah correct our hearts in such a way that we are able to understand what is wrong and right.

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