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Spiritual Diseases

Sometimes we have inner illnesses. For example when we have an illness but aren't aware of it until we have been to the doctors. This is the same for spiritual diseases.

Shaytan doesn’t want anyone to go to the highest stage of Jannah. Those people who are involved in sin, Shaitan doesn't bother with them. He tries to mislead those who are in the path of deen.

Hadhrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani RA was a great pious predecessor. Shaitan even tried to mislead him. He came to the shaikh in the form of light and said "you have worshipped Allah SWT so much that you don't need to perform salah anymore". Shaikh Abdul Qadir replied to him, "If the prophet peace be upon him wasn't told to stop performing salah, why should I stop". The light that Shaitan had appeared in disappeared

When someone starts to like praise and praise himself, has been misled by Shaitan. Those who have humility, will be successful. Whenever you do any worship, assess it. When you keep doing this, you will realise that everything is from Allah SWT and not from yourself. You will find something in your worship that you could have improved.

We are made of soil. The poet explains that soil is a humble element because it is trodden upon. Whereas Shaitan is made of fire. And fire is a proud element that burns other objects

Whenever you do any type of worship say it is from the bounty of the Almighty.

Hadhrat Adam AS made a mistake but was forgiven due to his humility. Shaitan was proud so he was cursed till the Day of Judgment.

If we look at ourselves deeply, we have no reason to be proud. The pious predecessors would say, 'O Allah if the people sitting in our lectures knew how we really are then they would never sit in our lectures'

If we think we are nothing and be humble then inshaAllah Allah SWT will grant us something. This doesn't mean we don't do anything. Those who are destined for Jannah will be inclined to do good.



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