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Signs of a condemned person

Shaikh Faridudeen Attar RA says:

There are four signs of a condemned person.

If we find any of these signs in us we should make dua that they are removed.

Everything good is from Allah SWT. We don't come for salah ourselves, Allah SWT makes us come. It is only from His bounty.

Sometimes we feel like praying many things, this is from the bounty of Allah.

Hadhrat Maulana Sehbanul Hind RA mentioned:

Once someone advertised for a driver in India, the person who applied said that I would like the job with the condition that I am allowed to perform my Salah. One day they went on a journey. The driver stopped for his salah, he made dua and then exited the masjid. The person that he worked for became annoyed and said loudly, "what made you take so long?". He replied, "He wouldn't let me leave". So he replied asking, "Who wouldn't let you leave, there's noone in there!". He replied, "The one who is not making you enter, was not letting me leave". Meaning he was making dua and praying etc.

One: A person can't see his own sins and can only see the sins of others.

The one who knows Allah SWT best will see his own sins and not consider the sins of others.

Hadhrat Maulana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi RA was a great scholar, once during his lecture he said, "I swear by Allah, I am the worst of you", then he left. The people started discussing that if this is true then they shouldn't sit in his lectures. So the elders of the gathering explained that the shaikh was overwhelmed by the greatness of Allah. When someone is a wali [friend] of Allah, he thinks of himself as the worst.

Make sure you perform salah with jamaat. Don't make a habit of missing salah in congregation.

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