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The perfume of the prophet peace be upon him

The perfume of the prophet peace be upon him

The blessed body of the prophet peace be upon him automatically had a perfumed scent. The people that are close to Allah SWT automatically have a perfumed scent.

There was once a very pious man who was very close to Allah SWT. He always had a perfumed scent, wherever he went, he carried a scent. Once when he was passing a house, an old woman came to him and said, “in this house there is a very ill old woman who is dying”. She then requested for him to come and make dua. After her persistence, he agreed. However, when he entered the house, there was a young woman who had a bad intention. She insisted he involve in certain sinful acts with him and threteaned him that if he did not do so, she would call the police and accuse him. He then told her that he had an urgent need to use the washroom. She agreed to let him go to the washroom. Waiting impatiently, she knocked on the door. When he opened the door, she found that he had covered himself with stool, so that she would be repulsed. She then threw him out of the house. This pious man went to the nearby well and rinsed off the dirt. He was still dripping with water, that his body started having a perfumed scent. His associates would constantly ask him regarding this. This pious predecessor was then nicknamed Khawja Mushky [Mushk originally means perfume].

Imam Bukhari RA is buried in Khurtung. There is a perfumed scent around his grave. Once, a Shaykh who lived in the area asked the Imam of the Masjid regarding the perfume surrounding the area. He requested the name of the perfume. The imam took an oath thrice and swore that there was no perfume placed by anyone. No one was given permission to do so. Since the demise of Imam Bukhari RA a perfumed scent would stay near his grave.

This was Imam Bukhari RA, imagine the prophet peace be upon him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to enter Umm Sulaym’s house and sleep on her mattress when she was not there. He came one day and slept on her mattress, then someone went to her and said to her, “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is sleeping in your house on your bed.” She came and peace be upon him that he had sweated and his sweat had soaked a piece of cloth that was on the mattress. She opened her box and started collecting that sweat and squeezing it into bottles. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) woke with a start and said, “What are you doing, O Umm Sulaym?” She explained to the prophet peace be upon him that she would mix his blessed sweat with her perfume in order to enhance the smell. She soon became the envy of the women because of this perfume, and they constantly asked her regarding it. Hadhrat Anas RA requested that at the time of his demise, this perfume should be placed on his shroud.

Hadhrat Aisha RA said she placed her hand over the prophet peace be upon him close before his demise. She said that the scent stayed for many days. She ate, she washed her hands and did many things, but the scent did not go away.

Make sure you check any perfume before using it. It may have alcohol in it. If someone offers you perfume, before using it check the ingredients.

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