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Removing pride from our hearts

In order for us go further in deen we need to remove all pride from the heart.

For example if a nice meal is prepared with a lot of effort, but someone puts poison in it, then everyone will be poisoned and also die because of this.

This is similar to having pride.

When you have money, you lock it in a safe. So when you do ibadah, you need to lock this up so that Shaytan doesn't make the reward turn into sin due to pride


The person who does ibadah and has pride on it, is worse than the person who sins and thinks of himself as a sinner.

Like if someone tells you to make dua for them, don't start thinking that my duas are accepted that's why they are asking.

To think that you are better than another and they are worse than you is a cause of your rewards to disappear

Don't let it happen that you start doing ibadah and having pride at the same time.

Always make dua that Allah saves you from pride.

Hadhrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Ra was a great pious shaykh. Once he was worshipping Allah, and he saw some light and heard a voice saying "O Abdul Qadir you have worshipped so much, now you don't need to worship anymore". The Shaykh was worried at first, he then thought that if the prophet peace be upon him wasn't told to stop any worship then how could he be told. So he said "you are Shaytan, go away". Then this light was changed to darkness and the Shaykh said "only Allah has helped me today". This is the humility shown by the predecessors.

When one realises that he should be humble, this is a sign of his acceptance by Allah SWT.

May Allah give us the tawfiq

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