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The story of King Tubba’

The story Hijra and King Tubba’ as mentioned by Shaikhul-Hadith Hadrat Molana Muhammad Adam Sahib DB Tubba' is a name of a people. The king of Tubba' was the king of Yemen. He became known as Tubba'. He travelled to different places to conquer land. When he came to Madinah Munawaarah, the scholars told him, 'you will never be successful here.' He inquired why, they told him that it was mentioned in their scriptures that the last Prophet would come and live in here. He was a God-fearing man so he accepted the truth. He brought some land in Madinah and commissioned some houses for the scholars, not knowing that it would be the very land where the last Prophet peace be upon him would live and be buried. He gave a letter to one of the scholars to give to the Last Prophet when he comes. Generation after generation treasured the letter and passed it on..... Allah made it happen that when the prophet peace be upon him came to Madinah, everybody wanted him to stay with them. Everyone insisted but the Prophet ordered: "Let the reins of the camel loose and I shall get down and stay where it stops by itself." The camel stopped at Sayyidina Abu Ayyub Ansari RA’s house. This is where the prophet peace be upon him lived and this is the area where he built his Masjid, and this is the area where he is resting..... (the same place Tubba’ had come) Sayyidina Abu Ayyub Ansari was from the descendants of the scholar to whom Tubba' gave the letter to. Allah made the Prophet peace be upon him come to the same house 700 years after Tubba'! Sayyidina Abu Ayyub Ansari brought out the letter [which nobody had read over the years] and in it was a beautiful message that Tubba' had left for the Prophet peace be upon him...... شهدت على أحمد أنه * رسول من الله باري النسم فلو مد عمري إلى عمره * لكنت وزيرا له وابن عم وجاهدت بالسيف أعداءه * وفرجت عن صدره كل هم I bear witness that Ahmed is a Messenger of Almighty Allah who is the Lord Creator of the universe. If I live up to his time, I will become his minister (adviser) and will assist him. With my sword I would fight his enemies, and eradicate his anxiety This story is recorded by Shah Abdul Haqq Muhaddith Dehlwi رحمه الله in his book 'Raap Quloob'. It is also mentioned in 'Taareekhe Madinah' and in many other books. 

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