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Love for the prophet ‎ﷺ

Summary of today’s majlis 10 February 2019 ‎فإنّه شمس فضل هم كواكبها ... ‎ يظهرن أنوارها للنّاس في الظّلم For verily he is the sun of virtue and the Ambiya are its stars which show their light to people in the dark. The prophet ‎ﷺ has so much nur that if one person tries to connect with the prophet ‎ﷺ, he will achieve this nur so quickly. If someone does any worship but doesn’t connect with the prophet ‎ﷺ and have respect for him ‎ﷺ, then he will have achieved nothing. ‎خلاف پیمبر کسے رہ گزید کہ ہرگز بمنزل نخواہد رسید ‎(جس نے پیغمبر کے راستے سے انحراف کیا وہ ہرگز اپنی منزل کو نہیں پائیگا). If one goes against the way of the prophet ‎ﷺ, you will not reach any kind of status in the eyes of Allah ‎ﷻ. Hadhrat Abu Muslim Khawlani RA was in the time of the tabieen. He had seen the sahaba and lived in Yemen. Since he accepted Islam, he had so much love for the prophet ‎ﷺ that he would act on every sunnah. It has been mentioned in Tareekh Ibn Katheer and Tareekh Ibn Asaakir, such an occurrence that there is no doubt that it happened because it is with such a strong chain of narrators. Teach your children these amazing stories and to have love for the prophet ‎ﷺ so that they learn how have insaaniyat. If a child has insaaniyat (humanity) in them, they will be better people. They will not harm others or their parents. They will learn to be true human beings. A man claimed to be a prophet. This man came to Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA and said “do you believe i am a prophet”. Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA said “I cannot hear you”. Then this man asked Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA “do you believe that Muhammad ‎ﷺ is a prophet “ and Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA replied “yes”. This happened thrice. As though Hadhrat Abu Muslim RA just couldn’t hear any falsehood. Then this man ordered that a fire be lighted and Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA should be burnt in the fire. The people put him in the fire, and Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA prayed “hasbunallah wa nimal wakeel” and the fire did not burn him just like it did not burn Sayyiduna Ibrahim AS with the will of Allah ‎ﷻ . The man became worried that his followers would leave him seeing this miracle so he quickly ordered that he be taken out the fire. Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA walked away without being harmed. When Sayyiduna Umar RA saw Hadhrat Abu Muslim al Khawlani RA he asked him are you the one who the liar tried to burn with the fire. Hadhrat Abu Muslim said yes. And Sayyiduna Umar RA hugged him and cried saying “Praise be to Allah Who did not cause me to die until I had seen among the ummah of Muhammad ‎ﷺ one to whom was done the same as was done to Ibraheem AS.” And Sayyiduna Umar RA himself respected him. The more love for the prophet ‎ﷺ we have the more our imaan will strengthen. We should recite the dua: ‎اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ إِيمَانًا يُبَاشِرُ قَلْبِي O Allah! I seek from You faith that will saturate my heart. We need to create love and true imaan in our hearts and the hearts of our children. O Allah grant us success of both the worlds. O Allah imaan is a great gift you have given us without us asking for it, give us the tawfiq to appreciate it. O Allah grant us the love for the prophet ‎ﷺ. 

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