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Summary of Durood Majlis

20 November 2014

Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib DB

Durood Majlis

The Khuff (leather socks of the prophet ﷺ:

There is great wisdom in wearing leather socks.

When wearing them, remember the adaab of wearing them. I.e to wear the right first

To remove the left firs

tTo shake the khuff out before wearing

We might think of it as something really small, but it is a sunnah. And acting upon the sunnah, will take us to Jannah.

If we perform the two rakaats after wudhu, then we will receive such an amazing nur in our hearts.

No matter how clean your bed is, we should dust it.

It is sunnah to dust it. We don't do it because it's dirty, but because it is a sunnah of our beloved prophet ﷺ.

A sahaba was very troubled. The prophet ﷺ told him, when you enter the house recite the dua, surah ikhlas and durood.The sahaba then returned to the prophet ﷺ saying all his troubles had disappeared. This is the effect of the sunnah

The best thing we will achieve by acting upon the sunan is that the prophet ﷺ will intercede on our behalf

The prophet ﷺ once finished performing wudhu and was about to wear his socks. He ﷺ wore one sock and a crow came, picked up the other and tipped it upside down.

From it a little snake came out.

From this we learn that there is wisdom in every sunnah, even if we assume it is small.

When we have a problem, we shouldn't complain to Allah SWT. If we think that we are being tested and its from Allah. Then then this is a sign out nafs is being corrected and we are being forgiven.We shouldn't think "why are we receiving such problems" but we should think it is from Allah

Hadhrat Buraydah (radiallahu anhu.) says, "Najaashi sent two simple black colored socks as a gift to Sayyidina Rasulullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam. He wore these and made masah over them after performing wudu".

Najaashi had sent it, when he was not a muslim. This shows we should and can accept gifts from a non-muslim.

When acting upon a sunnah, do it with love and understanding. Act upon the sunnah when we leave the house, when we eat etc. its not something we have to learn, but it's something that we just need to act upon.

Just like we perform our wudhu whilst following the sunnah, it should be this natural to follow the sunnah during our day to day life.

Sometimes people have a shop in which they sell items and make a bit of money. But some people merely have a phone and make thousands and hundred thousands of pounds, simply by making a few phone calls.This is similar to the way sunnah paves the path to Jannah. It's an easy way.

Acting upon the sunnah is a way to have good death.

It is written in the kitabs that even one sin should not underestimated. This is very dangerous.We should constantly make dua for a good death.There was once a pious man who was passing away. People were telling him to recite the kalima, but he would not recite it. They went to his shaikh [teacher, spiritual guide] to explain the problem.The shaikh came and the pious buzrug said to him, "tell these people to go, they are telling to say His name, but I am in fact seeing Allah Himself" So the shaikh said that his status is so high we wont understand and that they should let him be.There is no doubt that Allah has put the love of Hudoor ﷺ in the acting upon the sunan

Some duas Hadhrat made after the Majlis:

O Allah forgive our mistakes.

O Allah, give us the ability to act upon the sunnah and place the love of Hudoor ﷺ in our heart

O Allah, help us at the time of sakarat

O Allah, grant us patience when we are in difficulty

O Allah, make us Your obedient slave.

O Allah, help those who are in debt

O Allah, help those who are ill

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