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Ask Allah!

13th Rabiuthani 1436

4th January 2015

Shaikh Fareedudeen Attar RA's book 'Pand nama' is full of such advice that if we were to act upon it we would be successful.

He says that if we are in any kind of trouble, then we should ask Allah, not anyone else, because there is no-one who can help us apart from Him.

Ask for every small and big thing.

When we ask anyone for something constantly, they get annoyed. But if we ask from Allah, He will be pleased with us, and will include us into his closest friends.

Ask when the light bulb goes off, ask when you have lost a pen.

This doesn't mean we don't plan, we should ask Allah first then plan.

If you ask Allah you will get what you need and also have a connection with Allah.

If you make a habit of asking Allah for every little need, then at the time of death, you will automatically ask even when you are in pain and unable to speak etc.

There was once a pious person who was dying. The people around him decided to change his clothes into something more comfortable. He was unable to speak. When they were removing his garments he stopped them. They explained to him why they were removing them. He then replied explaining he had never removed his clothes from the right side first as it was against the sunnah and they were doing so.

When Hadhrat Umar RA was attacked and he was unable to eat or drink, a person walked past him whose trousers were under his ankles. Hadhrat Umar RA, despite being in this state, explained to him that Allah SWT does not like when trousers and under the ankle and He will not look toward you on the day of judgement.

There was once a pious man who was in the last stages of his life. He needed to perform wudhu. After performing wudhu with the help of some people due to his illness, he began exiting the wudhu area. He stopped abruptly, and started returning inside saying he had not done the khilal of his fingers. The people around him said to him that he was ill and it's not a fardh [necessary] part of wudhu. He said that he had not left out doing khilal his whole life, and wanted to die with a full wudhu.

These occurences show us that even if we think an action is small, it can take us to a very high status. They followed the sunnah to the last breath. If we ask Allah constantly then even when we are ill or dying we will still be able to ask Him easily

May Allah give us the tawfiq


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