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Following the Sunnah

Following the Sunnah

Abdullah ibn Jaafar radiyallahu anhu says, “Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam ate Qith’thaa (cucumbers) with dates” [Shamaail Tirmidhi]

It is a miracle that every action of the prophet peace be upon him is recorded and narrated by a chain of narrators.

Allah will love you if you follow the sunnah.

If you love Allah, you will also love the prophet peace be upon him.

The pious predecessors acted upon every little act of the prophet peace be upon him. For example the prophet peace be upon him loved pumpkin, no matter what type of amazing food was given to the pious, they would pick out the pumpkin and eat it, solely out of the love of the beloved peace be upon him.

One way to increase love for the prophet peace be upon him is to recite durood constantly. Although it is better to recite with wudhu, there is still a lot of reward to recite without wudhu.

Don't start thinking that if I see the prophet peace be upon him, I will recite more durood.

A pious predecessor has said to recite durood when you have not seen the prophet peace be upon him in a dream is more rewarding than when you have seen the prophet peace be upon him.

Hadhrat Gangohi RA says that recite whichever durood you find easy.

If there is water dripping, each drop gives effect and contributes to the end achievement. In the same way reciting durood everyday constantly will have effects. This durood will show the affects constantly if recited constantly.

It is not hard to recite durood. If your mouth has a smell, then clean it, then recite it. If you fall asleep reciting durood it is a very great action.

The prophet peace be upon him would eat Qith’thaa (cucumbers) with dates, so we should too.

Aisha radiyallah anha reports that, “Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam ate watermelon with fresh dates.

If we do so with the intention of following the sunnah we will be rewarded abundantly.

Once the great respected shaikh Hadhrat Gangohi RA came to Deoband riding on a donkey (which is an animal that isn't usually ridden by the upper classes). His students started gathering around him, he simply explained saying that there is a Hadeeth that says that the prophet peace be upon him rode a donkey, therefore I wanted to act upon this at least once in my lifetime.


The pious predecessors would try in every way to act upon each and every sunnah

May Allah give us the tawfiq to act upon the sunnah

Some Duas Hadhrat mentioned:

O Allah give those who are ill, complete shifa.

O Allah give us all khatima bil khair

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