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Signs of a condemned person Part 2

If you keep looking at your own sins, you will not have time to look at the sins of other.

Hadhrat Qasim Nanotwi RA once saw a man who would constantly wear trousers longer than his ankles. Hadhrat pondered for a while, wondering how he could advise the man. He then called the man and asked him, "please check if my trousers are longer than my ankles, because it is difficult to look at my own trousers". The man understood and never wore trousers longer than his ankles again.

Only if someone is free of sins, can he then have time to talk about the sins of others. No-one is sinless

When someone is very ill, with cancer or another life-threatening illness, he will not look at or even consider someone who has an earache, he probably won't even look or talk about anyone who even has the same illness as him.

Shaikh Saadi RA says that even if Allah SWT took away all the intelligence in the world, then no one would think they were unintelligent. This is how high people think of themselves.

The second sign of a condemned person is stingy-ness. If you are kind, then others will be kind to you.

Once a man was going to travel to a far country, so his friend asked him to give him the ring he always wore, as a memory. The friend replied, "Let your empty finger be a memory of me".

We should try not to be friends will stringy people.

The third sign is the one who people are not ever happy with. For example if he keeps on swearing and hurting people.

The bad habits of a person is harmful to himself.

If our habits are good, then when we die people will be happy with us.

If you don't correct yourself in young age, then this will be a problem for you when you are old.

People will stay away from you when you are old if you have bad habit, and this is when you need them most.

A stingy person will not have nur on his face.

Stay away from the stingy people, so that you aren't counted amongst the stingy.

May Allah give us the tawfiq to reform ourselves

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