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Remember Allah SWT

If you say something negative to someone, there is no way you can undo the action. This is like hitting an arrow at a target, you can't undo the action.

Don't talk without a purpose. Those who talk less, they have more awe amongst the people.

Once there was a Maulana who wouldn't talk unless absolutely necessary. He held an awe amongst the people.

When words come out of your mouth, they cannot be undone.

If you hurt someone physically, then the wound may heal. If you hurt someone with the words, even if they forgive you it may not heal.

Talk as less as you can. We talk constantly without being aware of what sins have been committed through this.

Whatever we have said is engraved in the hearts and minds of those who have heard us.

The time that we have wasted will never be returned to us. We will be rewarded upon the time we have spent in talking about deen and rewarding things. It is absolutely necessary not to talk about worldly things in the Masjid.

That person who talks without thinking will not be amongst the Muttaqi, no matter how many extra nafl salah he performs

After you sit and talk useless talk, measure the nur in your heart. You will not find any nur in your heart. If you sit and talk about Allah and his Rasool peace be upon him, you will create a connection with Allah and his Rasool peace be upon him and have nur in your heart.

Before you talk, think for a while. Even at home, with your closest family, think before you talk.

Stay in the remembrance of Allah SWT.

The one who talks a lot is called "Batooni". He will not have any nur in his heart.

If we recite Quran Kareem for two hours then talk about deen, there will be a great affect. Whereas if we talk about sin, then talk about deen, there won't be any affect at all.

Why do the words of the pious have such an affect on our hearts?

This is because they have nur in their hearts.

There was once a scholar who was giving a long lecture to thousands of people. His father entered the lecture and was asked to say a few words. He simply said, "today I had made the intention to fast so I kept a bowl of milk aside. The cat came and drank the milk". After hearing these simple words, the people started weeping. The son was amazed that he had been lecturing for hours but was unable to have an affect on the people, and his father had simply said these few words. He then realised what the effect of having nur was.

If we continue to sin we will not have any nur in our hearts.

May Allah give us tawfiq.

When someone memorises the Quran Kareem, whilst they are learning, they have to recite the ayah many times before reciting. This means they will have completed the Quran Kareem many times before they complete their memorisation.

If the parents of the Huffaz will wear a crown on the day of judgement, imagine the status of the huffaz.

The Hafiz will save people from their family who would have gone to Jahannam.

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