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The duas that others' make for you

Summary of the islaahi majlis 29/03/15 Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib DB Fulfilling people's needs. The pious people were such that they would always visit the sick. Only visit for such a time that doesn't trouble him. The person who visits should only sit for a short while unless the sick person insists. When someone has a business in this world, then he gets some money from here and some from there. InshaAllah we are trying for the aakhirah so we will definitely achieve a lot. One Imam Abu Dawud RA was at the sea shore. He heard someone from a nearby boat sneezing and saying alhamdulillah. He rented a boat for three dirham, just so that he could reply and say yarhamukallah. this wasn't even necessary for him. This is the enthusiasm of doing good deeds. A voice was heard from the sea, that Imam Abu Dawud has bought Jannah for three dirhams. We should keep on trying and Allah will be pleased inshaAllah. Keep on fulfilling people's needs. Once a man lost his way in Mina during the Hajj days. He approached Hadhrat's group and asked for water because he was extremely thirsty. The group gave him water. He made dua and said may Allah reward you. Imagine this dua. It came directly from his heart. If you fulfil people's needs, they will make dua for you from their heart and this dua is full of sincerity. It will be accepted straight away. Allah will definitely forgive you. If your sins are as high as the sky, Allah will forgive you. O Allah you have given us many blessings. You have given us the tawfiq to remember You and recite durood. O Allah accept it. O Allah all his is from your blessings and bounty. O Allah it is your promise, there is no one more truthful than you. O Allah we are asking for forgiveness, forgive us. O Allah, help us during sakarat. Just like you have guided us to this majlis to remember You, help us during sakarat For full summary:

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