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Preparing for Ramadhan

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Short Summary of the Islahi majlis


Things to do during this time before Ramadhan:

Recite the dua

Ask Allah for forgiveness, we never know how long we are going to live for.

Never think about whether the sin is big or small, but ponder on the greatness of Allah SWT.

Keep on asking for forgiveness with sincerity.

O Allah, everything we do is without sincerity, but we still ask you for forgiveness. because You have said not to lose hope.

O Allah Your mercy is so great. I don't have hope in any of my good deeds but in your mercy.

Hadhrat Thanwi RA says that he fears two main things: the greatness of Allah, because Allah is the greatest and the nafs, because the nafs makes you want to sin

Constantly, during your daily routine and work, do istighfaar. Whether you're walking or just sitting, do istighfaar.

The prophet peace be upon him would ask for forgiveness many times during the day. From this we learn we should also ask for forgiveness constantly.

We never know when we are going to die, we think we will die after an old person, but we may die before them. There are many young children who are dying now that you probably see with your own eyes.

If we make a habit of doing istighfaar constantly during the day, even whilst we are dying we will be doing istighfaar inshaAllah.

Hadhrat Zakariyya RA had the habit of praying 'Ya Karimu' constantly and whilst he was passing away, he also prayed this.

اللهم كل خير لكل مسلم ومسلمة

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