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Islahi majlis

When someone gives you advice, take the advice without feeling negative.

Don't hide things from two people: an intelligent doctor and a good friend.

There are two types of doctors,

1- a doctor for your body

2- a doctor for your soul

Ask your shaykh about the spiritual diseases

There are many books, wherein the replies of the questions that mureed have asked are recorded. This is how important it is.

When someone has an illness, they can't always tell. This is the same for spiritual diseases. Be careful, make sure you assess yourself constantly. Not lowering your gaze is a grave sin. Many people are not aware of this.

Once someone was dying, the people around him were telling him to recite the kalima, he said bring me so-and-so woman. This is because as he was sitting in his shop daily, he would watch this woman. May Allah save us.

Sit from now until the time of Eisha and recite all the surahs that we should recite at night. The prophet peace be upon him would not rest until he had recited the surahs:

-alif laam meem sajdah



Have such a control on your heart that you are unable to disobey Allah SWT

May Allah give us the tawfiq

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