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When asking Allah for forgiveness, then state your sin, and have remorse over the sin.

Make the most of this time. Leave your sins.

Allah has promised us that He will forgive us if we ask for forgiveness with the intention of never committing it again. At least stop the big sins and ask Allah for forgiveness after naming them.

E.g. Backbiting, is such a big sin.

'O Allah, I was committing sin day and night. There was not even one moment in which I was not sinning. No good deed was done from the heart. This is a run-away slave of Yours, that is at Your door asking for forgiveness. O Allah even though I have done all these sins forgive me, I have full hope in Your mercy because You have said not to lose hope'

This doesn't mean you carry on sinning and asking for forgiveness at the same time. You need to ask for forgiveness with a pure and sincere heart.

'I have hope only in Your mercy. Cleanse me of all sins before I die (enter my grave). When my soul is removed, make me have the nur of iman in my heart. Forgive me.'

Understand that we never know how long we are going to live. Do all the actions that are permissible. But don't commit any sins.

We should not have the attitude that we continue to sin until the moon of Ramadhan is seen. Leave all your sins now.

May Allah give us tawfiq

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