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The greatness of the prophet peace be upon him

03/09/15 Summary of the Durood Majlis

Why was our prophet peace be upon him the last of all the prophets? The ulama have given many reasons: All the prophets had a different shariah, and they were all mansookh [abrogated]. Our prophet peace be upon him’s shariah will not be mansookh. Another reason that the ulama give is that the last prophet has the a greater status than the other prophets. We should thank Allah daily for making us from the nation of the prophet peace be upon him. Many pious people have recommended reciting the first verses of Qasidah Burdah daily and have said this is the reason of their status. We didn’t make dua to be in the nation of the prophet peace be upon him, but Allah still blessed us with this. ما نبودیم و تقاضامان نبود لطف تو ناگفتهٔ ما می‌شنود We did not exist nor did we ask, but it was your mercy and kindness that you made us from this ummah وكل آيٍ أتى الرسل الكرام بهـــــــــا فإنما اتصلت من نوره بهـــــــــــــم Every miracle which all the prophets showed, verily they have been delivered from his nor. فإنه شمس فضلٍ هم كواكبهـــــــــــا يظهرن أنوارها للناس في الظلـــــم For verily he is the sun of virtue and they are its stars, which show their lights to people only in the dark When pelting the shaytan during hajj with the stones, the stones are brought from elsewhere. After they are pelted, the stones disappear, there are only a few left which are the stones of those whose hajj isn’t accepted. May Allah save us. This is also from the miracles of the prophet peace be upon him. However many karamahs have been performed by the pious, are all from the miracles of the prophet peace be upon him, because they only received this due to following him. Once a khadim was assisting an extremely ill pious predecessor to perform wudhu, he forgot to make him perform khilal of the fingers. The pious shaikh exclaimed surprise at this and mentioned he had never forgotten to perform the khilal when he was capable. We should make sure we recite durood daily and thank Allah for making us from this Ummah. Hadhrat Abrar Ahmed RA fell extremely ill and was admitted to hospital. He then had a dream that the prophet peace be upon him said don’t be sad and worry, you are going to be meeting me very soon. After a few days he passed away. If you have Allah and His rasul in your heart, you have everything. Constantly recite durood and thank Allah May Allah give us tawfiq

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