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The greatness of the prophet peace be upon him

Summary of the Majlis 06/09/2015 Hadhrat Hakim RA narrates that Hadhrat Adam AS saw the prophet peace be upon him’s name on the throne of Allah SWT. Allah SWT told Hadhrat Adam AS that if it wasn’t for the prophet peace be upon him, then Allah SWT wouldn’t have created Hadhrat Adam AS. Hadhrat Umar RA narrates that after Hadhrat Adam AS made a mistake he asked Allah to forgive him, with the waseela [for the sake] of the prophet peace be upon him. Allah asked Hahdrat Adam AS, ‘O Adam, how do you know of Muhammad peace be upon him when I have not yet created him?’ He said, ‘O Allah, when You created me I saw written on the pillars of the Throne, La ilaha ill-Allah Muhammad Rasool Allah [There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah]. Then I knew that You would not mention in conjunction with Your name any but the most beloved of Your creation to You.’ Allah said, ‘You have spoken the truth, O Adam. He is indeed the most beloved of My creation to Me. Pray to me by his waseela, for I have forgiven you. Were it not for Muhammad, I would not have created you.” We should copy Hadhrat Adam AS and ask Allah to accept our duas for the sake of the prophet peace be upon him. Reciting Qasida Burdah holds great blessing and reward. We should recite it constantly and learn the main verses by heart مولاي صل وسلم دائما أبدا عل حبيبك خير الخلق كلهم My Lord send you peace and blessings always and forever Upon Your beloved, the best of the entire creation The same poet mentions: فاق النبيين في خلقٍ وفي خُلــــــــُقٍ ولم يدانوه في علمٍ ولا كرم He transcends the prophets physically and in his noble character the other prophets cannot come close to him in knowledge and noble nature Once a non-muslim disrespected the prophet peace be upon him so Hadhrat Umar RA took his sword out and asked the prophet peace be upon him for permission to kill him. But the merciful prophet peace be upon him refused and forgave him. Once someone who constantly disrespected the prophet peace be upon him, and accepted Islam only apparently whereas he was in reality not a muslim, died. His son was a pious muslim who was close to the prophet peace be upon him, so he requested for the cloak of the prophet peace be upon him for him. The prophet peace be upon him was so merciful he gave it despite what it was for and he also performed salatul janaza for him. But one who has disrespected the prophet peace be upon him will not be saved even by the cloak of the prophet! The prophet peace be upon him was told to not perform salah for such a person again. Hadhrat Nuh AS asked for punishment on his people, whereas the people of Taif threw stones at the prophet peace be upon him and the prophet peace be upon him’s blessed body was dripping with blood, and he still refused to make dua for them to be punished. He surpassed all the other prophets, but we can’t disrespect any of the prophets, we are not even at the same status as the soil under the feet of the prophets. May Allah give us tawfiq Some of the duas Hadhrat made: O Allah we have no good deeds, expect what you have given us O Allah cure those who are ill O Allah fulfil the debts of those who have debt

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