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Summary of the majlis 10th September فاق النبيين في خلقٍ وفي خُلــــــــُقٍ ولم يدانوه في علمٍ ولا كرم He transcends the prophets physically and in his noble character the other prophets cannot come close to him in knowledge and noble nature No one can have a greater status than the prophets. It has never been said that any sahaba has a greater status than any prophet, but compared to our prophet peace be upon him, he was greater than all the prophets. وكلّهم من رسول الله ملتمس ... غرفا من البحر أو رشفا من الدّيم They all obtained from the prophet peace be upon him, like a handful of water, or a few sips from continuous rain. They're status compared to the prophet peace be upon him's is like a handful of water to the sea

The status of the prophets was so great, but the status of the prophet peace be upon him was even greater. Imagine his greatness.

وواقفون لديه عند حدّهم ... من نقطة العلم أو من شكلة الحكم And they all stopped before him at their assigned limits, either of a point of knowledge, or to gain on wisdom from his wisdom.

Once a sahaba who had lost his eyesight, he went to the prophet peace be upon him and asked him to make dua. The prophet peace be upon him said you can be patient, and receive paradise or make dua in the masjid and use my waseela for the dua. The sahaba made this dua and he regained his eyesight. This was fourteen hundred years ago, recently about two or three years ago a pious blind man would go to the masjid nabwi, and the guard knew him and always used to guide him around the masjid. One day he came to the masjid and he was able to see. The guards were shocked and asked him regarding this, he replied saying he had made dua at night using the waseela of the prophet peace be upon him, and he regained his eyesight. We have only understood a bit of the greatness of the prophet peace be upon him, only his Creator, Allah SWT knows his true status. On the day of judgement, his true status will be revealed. When people will start to become restless they will go to each and every prophet asking them to ask Allah SWT to start the judgement, they will all say they they are not able to do so due to a certain error they had committed. Then the people will finally go to the prophet peace be upon him. The rest of the prophets had said نفسي نفسي، I am worried about myself, but our prophet peace be upon him will fall into sajdah, and he will be made to say certain words Everything good we do is from the mercy of Allah, not from ourselves. These words will bring Allah SWT's mercy. We use these words that we are listening to as a waseela for our dua to be accepted.

اللهم انا نسئلك بسيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

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