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Islahi majlis

Summary of islahi majlis 13/09/2015 Hadhrat Shaykh Maulana Adam Sahib Hafizahullah There is not one person who can say they are better than the prophet peace be upon him! بشرى لنا معشر الإسلام إنّ لنا ... من العناية ركنا غير منهدم Glad tidings be to us O people of Islam! We have by the grace of Allah a pillar which is indestructible i.e the sunnah of the prophet peace be upon him and the shariah [qasida burdah] لقد جاءكم رسول من أنفسكم عزيز عليه ما عنتم حريص عليكم بالمؤمنين رءوف رحيم There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful. [surah tawbah:128] Whenever there is a calamity, we just feel like reciting this ayah because of its great meaning. Shaytan looks for events to make us go astray. For example recently there was a calamity in Makkah, we shouldn’t question why and how. There is the wisdom of Allah in everything. You've come to Allah's house don’t be heedless. In the calamity in Makkah nearly 170 people passed away. يا أيها الذين آمنوا إن جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, [lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.](49:6) Don't believe everything you hear. In Makkah, during such a short time everything was cleared up. And everyone was even able to perform their sunnahs comfortably. No one was worried that they might be hurt in any way. Someone might even say 'I wish I was amongst them'. Once there was a sahaba who passed away, and before performing his janaza the prophet peace be upon him took this sahaba’s head in this lap. Hadhrat Umar RA said, "I wish I was this person." Due to the great blessing he received. The people who passed away were in the state of wudhu and were they were there with the intention of performing hajj. They were Travellers and they passed away in haram. They also passed away between asr and maghrib on the day of Jumuah. They received at least four types of shahadah. Hadhrat Khadija RA was the first to become a muslim from everyone. Hadhrat Jibreel AS sent her salam. She has been buried in Jannatul Muallah along with many other pious great sahaba. This is where they were buried. Usually, family members of a deceased become overjoyed when a pious person attends the janaza. The janaza of these people who passed away was attended by people who had come for hajj, and were reciting labbayk. Imagine how fortunate they were Once, an aalim who had cancer became extremely ill. His wife was also blind. Imagine what he had been through. He then decided to go for umrah so people came to visit him. One person said to him "may Allah take you safely and return you safely". He was unhappy hearing this and said make dua I reach there safely. This is how much he wanted to pass away in Madina. When he was passing away he continually asked the nurses in the hospital أهذا مدينة منورة is this Madina? If we correct our goal in life, then all our troubles will become a source of happiness also.

Some of the duas Hadhrat mentioned today: O Allah give the shuhadaa a great status. O Allah in their tufail [for their sake] forgive us. O Allah make their family members know they were shuhadaa, so that they are content. O Allah grant us the nur of imaan. O Allah grant us the ability to follow the sunnah and love the prophet peace be upon him. O Allah make us have shawq [desire] to meet You. O Allah You are not an oppressor, You are the most merciful, O Allah You forgive the greatest of sins. O Allah Your mercy is greater than our sins and no one can ever imagine or understand the full extent of Your mercy, please forgive us.

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