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Power comes with Imaan

Sayyiduna Umar became the second ameerul mumineen Once, a safeer [representative/messenger] from another country came and asked, ‘where is your leader?’ The people answered that he is the graveyard. He found Sayidina Umar sleeping with a stone as his pillow. When he saw him, he started shaking and realised that this is what made the Muslims who they were; the power of Imaan.

Sheikh Sadi saw a man in a jungle, travelling on lion. He mentions, ‘My state was such that I couldn’t move my feet out of fear’. The man recognised Sheikh Sadi and said smiling, ‘you lower your neck to the command of Allah and all others will become subservient to you.’

The story of Hadhrat Safina also shows the power of Imaan. He saw a lion and said, ‘I am the slave of the Messenger of Allah s’. Hearing this, the lion became meek and showed him the way whilst protecting him from other lions. When Hadhrat Safina reached his destination, the lion wagged his tail in salaam. We ask why our Haal [condition] is not like that. We, after all, cannot reach the rank of the Sahaaba. We make dua that Allah grants us the gift of reciting Darood and sukoon [peace] in our hearts to such an extent that we find pleasure in Dhikr. This is a bigger wealth than having a lion subservient to you. We should recite Durood all the time, from when we wake to when we sleep. May he grant us such love for His Rasool that we have the fortune of seeing Nabi s when the real sleep comes; death. 

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