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Going Through Hardship

Summary of islaahi majlis 11 March 2018 Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib Hafizahullah Hadhrat recites the poem of qasida burdah at the beginning of every majlis مولاي صلي وسلم دائما ابدا على حبيبك خير الخلق كلهم هو الحبيب الذي ترجى شفاعتة لكل هول من الأهوال مقتحم If you recite it constantly, you will be relieved of troubles and hardship will be made easier. The prophet ‎ﷺ never forgot one word of the revelation from Allah ‎ﷻ. He forgot other things due to the jaado that was done but never anything from the wahi. No one should think that I am so pious and I do so much so why do still have hardship. The person who says this is not intelligent. Think that the prophet ‎ﷺ was the most pious out of all the ambiya as, and he also went through hardship. So no matter what status you have, as soon as you have any hardship remember the prophet ‎ﷺ and the hardships he pbuh went through. The greatest blessing we have is: 1. imaan 2. Being in the Ummah of the prophet ‎ﷺ. The prophet ‎ﷺ’s life is an example for us to follow. It was narrated that ‘Aa’ishah ra said: A spell was put on the Prophet ‎ﷺ until he imagined that he had done a thing when he had not done it. One day he made du’aa’ then he said: “Do you know that Allaah has shown me in what lies my cure? Two men came to me and one of them sat at my head and the other at my feet. One of them said to the other, ‘What is ailing the man?’ He said: ‘He has been bewitched.’ He said: “Who has bewitched him?’ He said: ‘so and so’ He said, ‘With what?’ He said: ‘With a comb, the hair that is stuck to it, and the skin of pollen of a male date palm. He said: ‘Where is it?’ He said, ‘In the well of Dharwaan.’” So then the prophet ‎ﷺ went with sayyiduna Ali ra and other sahaba to the well. This was a well in which there wasn’t water, it was in the middle of a jungle. They went to the well and it had reddish (colour of blood) water. Then they took out the comb that had the spell and then the prophet ‎ﷺ felt better straight away. Where are me and you compared to the prophet ‎ﷺ. He saw Jannah. He received revelation. He was the most pious. He still went through hardship. O Allah give us your love and the love of your prophet ‎ﷺ. One of Imam Abu Hanifa ra’s student said ‎أعد ذكر نعمانٍ لنا إن ذكره هو المسك ماكررته بتضوع Keep mentioning my teacher to me because this remembrance is like musk, the more you repeat his mention, the more it pleases me. The same way every time we hear a hadith there should be a different emotion and feeling. We recite the Quran many times, every time we recite it there is a different feeling. The same can be said about reciting durood. There was a gathering of the wives of the prophet ‎ﷺ when surah nasr was revealed and the prophet ‎ﷺ called sayyiduna Fatima ra. The prophet ‎ﷺ whispered in her ear that his ‎ﷺ’s time was nearly up (he was going to return to Allah ‎ﷻ soon). Sayyiduna Fatima ra started crying. So the prophet ‎ﷺ said ‘don’t cry because you are going to be the first to be meeting me’. She smiled and laughed at this. The wives of the prophet ‎ﷺ saw this and didn’t say anything. Then Sayyiduna Aisha ra asked her what the prophet ‎ﷺ said to her. Sayyiduna Fatima ra said if Rasullullah ‎ﷺ wanted everyone to hear then he would have said it loudly. Then after the prophet ‎ﷺ passed away, Sayyiduna Aisha ra returned to Sayyiduna Fatima ra asked her again. This time Sayyiduna Fatima ra told her. Sayyiduna Fatima ra was the first to pass away after the prophet ‎ﷺ and she passed away after about 6 months after him ‎ﷺ. May Allah give us tawfiq

O Allah accept our deeds. In our deeds, there is a lot lacking, please forgive us. O Allah we don’t ask you for things in return any of our deeds (as they are little), but ask You from your mercy. Give us from your mercy and generosity. O Allah grant us your love. O Allah grant us the love of the prophet ‎ﷺ. Give us the Tawfiq to recite durood. O Allah help us at the time of the terror of the grave.

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