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Laylatul bara’ah

Summary of the majlis 30th April 2018 Shab Baraat There is great benefit to make dua in a gathering. At the time of making dua it is important that one thinks of oneself as the lowest of the low, even of a lower status than a dog or animal, then one’s dua will be accepted. If there is even a little thought of any nafl salah, salatutasbeeh, dhikr etc. then the dua will not be accepted. Maulana Jalaluddin ra, the author of Masnawi, has written some amazing points. He has mentioned an occurance. There was a king whose name was Mahmood who had a servant named Ayaaz. Ayaaz was loved deeply by the king. The king respected him a lot. The people around the king started commenting on this and wondering why the king loved and respected the lowly servant who was not up to their standard. They were jealous of this relationship. Maulana Jalaluddin ra mentions this story. The king had given Ayaaz a room in which Ayaaz would go in every night and then lock the door straight away. The people close to the king thought he had put some wealth that he had unlawfully taken from the king in the room and saw an opportunity to turn the king against his most beloved servant. They complained to the king. The king didn’t doubt the servant but wanted to prove the people around him wrong. He gave them permission to break into the room after the servant went to sleep. When they entered the room they saw that there was a torn shirt and a few broken, old items. They even dug into the room, but still did not find anything. They returned to the king emptyhanded. The king called Ayaaz to him and asked why he goes into the room. The servant replied, “today you have given me such beautiful clothes and have given me so much respect that people look at me. I have the best of everything now. I go every evening and go to see my old clothes and say to myself that “look at these clothes that you wore. This is what you were. Look how the king has respected you and given you better and appreciate it.”” Maulana Jalaluddin ra says that people in their young age have everything. They have money, clothes etc. but if they forget Allah swt in this time, they have nothing. We should say “O Allah we have nothing, everything is from You!” Allah swt doesn’t need our actions. If Allah swt forgives our shortcomings in our actions, this is what we ask for. Allah swt doesn’t like proud people. Shaikh Saadi ra mentions that a pious man say in the middle of the field and started crying and weeping like a dog. Another man came to see what was happening and asked the pious man what the matter was. The pious man said that I was praying tahajjud and I realised who I was praying to. As soon as I finished I ran to the field and said, “O Allah I have the status of a dog. Be merciful to me, how you are merciful to even a dog!” Whatever pride we have in our heart we should take it out of our hearts. Allah swt doesn’t need any of our actions. When we pray we should be thinking that O Allah we only want You to accept. We are not worthy and You are not in need. Even if we recite a bit or worship a bit inshaAllah, Allah swt will have mercy. We shouldn’t count our deeds. Do we count how much food Allah swt gave us? Do we count how many breaths we take a day? Just think that your actions are nothing. Look at everyone whilst thinking they are better than you. Hadhrat Gangohi ra would say in front of everyone that “I swear by Allah swt that everyone that is sitting here, everyone is better than me”. May Allah swt give us a heart that we think of ourselves, in humility, as nothing. When we reach a stage of thinking we do nothing, then who are we reliant upon? We will be reliant upon Allah swt. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made dua for safeguarding of spiritual illnesses and then said وكل ذلك عندي ‘and I have all of these spiritual illnesses’. And this was out ma’soom nabi that said this! My friends, the path is easy, we just need to remove pride from our hearts. Be humble and think of yourself the lowest of the low, then Jannah is very close. But if we have pride then Jannah is very far. Jannah is very easy to achieve. Jannah is closer than the window in this room for those who are humble and free of pride. And Jannah is very far, even further than the seas for those that have pride! Some duas that Hadhrat mentioned: O Allah we admit to our sins. We have no deeds to our names. We have hope in only Your mercy. O Allah forgive us all. O Allah we have no good actions. We have not performed out salah properly nor have we kept our fasts properly. In our recitation of the Quran there are mistakes. O Allah all good that we have done also has mistakes in it. O Allah we are nothing but we are still Your servants, O Allah! O Allah forgive us because we are Your servants. O Allah You are very merciful. O Allah Your mercy is greater than our sins. Our sins are so many, but Your mercy is greater. O Allah if anyone of us pass away before we reach the next night of baraa’ah please forgive us. 

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