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The baby who spoke for Sayyiduna Yusuf AS

When Sayyiduna Yusuf AS was accused of wrongdoing, a baby spoke and said, “If his shirt is torn from the front, then she has told the truth, and he is of the liars. But if his shirt is torn from the back, then she has lied, and he is of the truthful.” (12:26-27) And through this the king realised that Sayyiduna Yusuf AS was in the right and he was saved. After a long time passed, Sayyiduna Yusuf AS because a prominent leader who would distribute the food to the people in the time of drought. He would only give food in accordance to how many people were in the family as he was very just. At this time, a young man came to him to receive his share. He asked Sayyiduna Yusuf AS if he could recognise him. Sayyiduna Yusuf AS said no. The man said, “I am the baby that spoke when you were accused”. Sayyiduna Yusuf AS was so pleased, he showered this man with gifts from his own belongings, fed him for many days and gave him a high position. Allah ‎ﷻ (even though He has all the knowledge) asked Sayyiduna Yusuf AS, “why did you shower the man with such gifts and give him so much honour?” Sayyiduna Yusuf AS said, “at a time when I was in so much distress, this man spoke the truth” Allah ‎ﷻ replied, “you gave him so much, just because he spoke the truth. Imagine what I will give to those who believe in the truth (Islam) and how happy I will be with them- when My ability to give and My mercy is much greater than yours!” Hadhrat explained we should constantly recite the kalima. And that we should do dhikr in abundance.  

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