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Summary of the Jumuah bayan

30th September 2022

It has been mentioned various times in the Noble Quran that Allah ‎ﷻ loves humility.

One type of humility is, humility in front of Allah ‎ﷻ. Allah ‎ﷻ has mentioned of their reward in the Quran.

‎إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَعَمِلُواْ ٱلصَّٰلِحَٰتِ وَأَخْبَتُوٓاْ إِلَىٰ رَبِّهِمْ أُوْلَٰٓئِكَ أَصْحَٰبُ ٱلْجَنَّةِ ۖ هُمْ فِيهَا خَٰلِدُونَ

Surely, those who believe and do good deeds and humble themselves before their Lord, those are the people of Paradise. There they shall live forever.


Allah ‎ﷻ also mentions in the Quran:

‎وَعِبَادُ الرَّحْمَنِ الَّذِينَ يَمْشُونَ عَلَى الْأَرْضِ هَوْنًا وَإِذَا خَاطَبَهُمُ الْجَاهِلُونَ قَالُوا سَلَامًا

The servants of the RaHmān (the All-Merciful, Allah) are those who walk on the earth humbly, and when the ignorant people speak to them, they reply peacefully


Those who aren’t humble are at a great loss. We shouldn’t be proud. We are created from something that we consider as dirty.

Allah ‎ﷻ mentions in the Quran:

‎هَلْ أَتَىٰ عَلَى ٱلْإِنسَـٰنِ حِينٌۭ مِّنَ ٱلدَّهْرِ لَمْ يَكُن شَيْـًۭٔا مَّذْكُورًا

إِنَّا خَلَقْنَا ٱلْإِنسَـٰنَ مِن نُّطْفَةٍ أَمْشَاجٍۢ نَّبْتَلِيهِ فَجَعَلْنَـٰهُ سَمِيعًۢا بَصِيرًا

There has come upon man a period of time in which he was nothing worth mentioning.

We have created man from a mixed sperm-drop to put him to a test; then We made him able to hear, able to see.


An example of humility in front of Allah ‎ﷻ is, when stand for salah, we do not stand with pride. We remove all other thoughts from our minds.

Allah ‎ﷻ mentions in the Quran:

‎قَدْ أَفْلَحَ ٱلْمُؤْمِنُونَ

‎ٱلَّذِينَ هُمْ فِى صَلَاتِهِمْ خَـٰشِعُونَ

Success is really attained by the believers

who concentrate their attention in humbleness when offering Salāh (prayers)


Maulana Rumi ؒ’s kitab mathnawi is so accepted amongst the ulama that some have said reading it has the same reward as dhikr.

Haji Imdadullah ؒ  would always have a lesson on the Mathnawi. The ulama have said that Mathnawi creates the fire of love of Allah ‎ﷻ in the heart of the one who studies it.

In his Mathnawi he has mentioned a harper who had such a beautiful voice. When he would go into the mountains to sing, the birds would stop to listen. As his life was ending his beautiful voice started to go too. All the gatherings of people also started disappearing. His voice had gone and no one wanted to know him.

When one loves another for the sake of Allah ‎ﷻ, this love stays for ever. The love for the sake of the world and enjoyment, this love stops. So the previously famous harper was begging door to door for food. He sat in the middle of a graveyard in Madinah saying, ‘O Allah, today there is no one to listen to me except you. There’s no one to even give me a morsel of food except you. If I go to someone’s house to ask, they close the door in my face. I have only you!’

Allah ‎ﷻ mentions in the Quran:

‎وَمَا هَٰذِهِ ٱلْحَيَوٰةُ ٱلدُّنْيَآ إِلَّا لَهْوٌ وَلَعِبٌ

And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement.


Allah ‎ﷻ is ‘Aalimul Ghayb so he heard this. Allah ‎ﷻ is so merciful. If we knew of his mercy then no-one would turn away from Allah ‎ﷻ.

Sayyiduna Umar ؓ was sleeping at noon (qaylullah). He had a dream, Allah ‎ﷻ informed him in his dream that there is a slave of mine in the middle of this specific graveyard. I feel very merciful towards him. You go O Umar! Give him money from the bayt almaal (money of the government) and fulfil his needs. And tell him that Allah ‎ﷻ has given you salam. There is no need to beg now. You have shown such humility. Subhanallah!

‎يَا أَيُّهَا الْإِنسَانُ مَا غَرَّكَ بِرَبِّكَ الْكَرِيمِ

O man! What has deceived you about your Gracious Lord,


Sayyiduna Umar ؓ went and looked for this man. He found him crying. The man saw Sayyiduna Umar ؓand was scared. Sayyiduna Umar ؓ said him don’t be scared. Allah ‎ﷻ has sent you salam! And he gave him the money and food and said

‎قبول است اگر چه هنر نیستش

که جز ما پناهی دگر نیستش

Everything of yours is accepted after you said that apart from Allah there is noone for you!

In this world, whether you are young or old don’t lose hope in the mercy of Allah ‎ﷻ!

Allah ‎ﷻ loves humility.

Maulana Rumi ؒ  mentions that there was once a man got late to perform his salah in the masjid who usually would perform salah in congregation on time. He sat at the door of the masjid and started crying and saying “Ya Allah”. A pious man said this painful crying has nur in it. He then asked the man, “you give me the reward from this painful ‘ah’ crying and I will give you the reward of my salah in congregation”. The man agreed. And at night this man saw a dream of the angels congratulating him on behalf of Allah ‎ﷻ on what he had bought. And they told him that he was given the reward of all the people in the world performing salah!

Some people sin their whole life, then before they die they have a change and ask for forgiveness. Allah ‎ﷻ is not like us humans, who if someone has hurt us we don’t ever accept them again. This is our Lord, our Allah, our creator. The one who has hope in the mercy of Allah ‎ﷻ will be accepted.

May Allah give us tawfiq

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