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Swallow your anger

15 March 2020

Islahi majlis

وعن بهز بن حكيم عن أبيه ، عن جده - رضي الله عنه - قال : قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : " إن الغضبليفسد الإيمان كما يفسد الصبر العسل "

Rasullullah ‎ﷺ said “anger destroys iman in the same manner that (bitter) aloe spoil honey.

Aloes are so bitter. If a pinch of aloe is put into a mound of honey it will all become bitter.

Honey is very sweet. Iman is even sweeter than honey.

Sweetness is different in different things. Apples are sweet, oranges are sweet. Even for water we say certain water tastes sweeter than others.

The sweetness of iman is different. When saying or hearing the name of Allah ‎ﷻ the mouth waters with sweetness. Some Ulama including hadhrat shaikh ra have said that when they say Allah ‎ﷻ’s name or do any dhikr they taste sweetness in their mouth. As though someone had put a chocolate or sweet in their mouth.

If we are not at this stage where we feel the sweetness in our mouth we should at least know that some great people are at this stage.

A sign of the sweetness of iman is that whenever a sin is mentioned then you feel a discomfort and when a good deed is mentioned you feel a happiness or excitement and it is visible on your face.

The young people think that only old people die. We need to see how many young people are dying. Sometimes we hear of more young people dying than old people.

When we do a good deed we should be happy and any bad deeds should make us upset. For example fajr salah. Some people put 4 or 5 alarms. When this effort is put in doing a good deed you find the sweetness despite the hardship.

Sometimes when stopping a sin we find it difficult but find happiness that we are pleasing Allah ‎ﷻ. An example for this is when someone who likes chilli food is eating chilli food but their eyes are watering from the chilli. They are enjoying the tears too! In the same way the sadness or difficulty of having to stop a sin will also be enjoyment for those who have the higher level of the sweetness of iman. Because Allah ‎ﷻ is watching them.

A type of anger is for the sake of Allah ‎ﷻ, where we advise people for the sake of Allah ‎ﷻ. Sometimes Rasullullah ‎ﷺ would show anger in such a way when warning the sahaba that his eyes would turn red.

But we should not be angry in any other circumstance.

Once Sayyiduna umar ra was walking with Rasullullah ‎ﷺ and a sahabi who was a villager came and tugged at his ‎ﷺ shawl so hard that a mark was made on his blessed body. This sahabi asked for money from Rasullullah ‎ﷺ. ( we have to remember that he was a shahabi so he was of a much higher status than we can ever be). Rasullullah ‎ﷺ looked at him and smiled and ordered that he be given some money. He never showed any anger or annoyance.

Anger spoils the health of the body. It creates numerous difficulties. A husband shouldn’t get angry at his wife and a wife shouldn’t get angry at her husband. This will lead to divorce. If someone is doing something wrong explain it nicely.

Hadhrat shaikh Zakaria ra was in Nizamuddeen when he showed anger towards an worker. His uncle Hadhrat Ilyas ra said why did you get angry? He replied saying, ‘I have told him so many times but he is still not listening’. Hadhrat Ilyas ra asked him ‘how many times approximately have you had to forgive him?’ Hadhrat shaykh replied saying ‘maybe 10-15’. Hadhrat Ilyas ra asked how many times will you need Allah ‎ﷻ to forgive you?

Anger is natural but we should swallow it and not show it.

In the Quran it says to swallow our anger which shows we do have anger but we should swallow it and not show it.

Those that forgive a lot will be forgiven by Allah ‎ﷻ.

It will be announced that this person had forgiven this many times and swallowed his anger therefore i have forgiven him.

May Allah ‎ﷻ give us the tawfiq to act upon what has been said

O Allah, give us shifa

O Allah save us from those days where we are not obedient to you.

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