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Short summary of the Jumuah Bayan

Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib DB

We have many worries, worries about our sins, our life, our death. There are many necessities in life sometimes we may be successful and sometimes we may not. For these necessities to be fulfilled and for us to be able to have patience on these worries, Allah says to make dua.

Ask Allah with full hope. Allah will never return a person’s dua. Yes, it may take time for it to be accepted, but Allah never returns His servant empty handed. When we make dua with full hope, then most of the time it will be accepted straight away. Sometimes it may take time. This is because Allah knows that if the person is given his need, then the person will no longer ask from Allah for it. Until he does not have his need fulfilled, he will keep asking.

This is similar to giving a child a sweet. You are going to give him a sweet but don’t want to give it straight away because you know that as soon as you give it, the child will run away. If you love the child, for a while you will keep the sweet held tightly in your hand because you love the child. In the same way when Allah loves a slave, he doesn’t fulfil the need straight away. He knows that the person will stop asking.

Sometimes if a person’s dua isn’t fulfilled, he will be given reward in the hereafter for it.

If you’re unwell, make dua with full hope. Don’t start despairing!

The prophets, messengers, companions and all the pious predecessors would make dua. All the famous pious predecessors would constantly ask from Allah for example: Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani RA, Nizamudeen RA, Rumi RA, Saadi RA etc.

They would ask in such a way that the mercy of Allah would burst forth! When Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani RA went to Haram, his fell to his knees in prayer. His nose was buried in the dust. His travelling companions and students were behind him. He started make dua “O Allah. Forgive me my sins. And O Allah, if you don’t forgive me then don’t degrade me on the day of judgement, make me come alive whilst I’m blind, so that I can’t see the peoples’ faces. Because people think of me as so great in this world, then if on the day of judgement they see I have been unsuccessful, how will I show my face, so make me blind’. Look at the way he made dua! The prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam constantly asked during his lifetime.

There is a hadith in Muslim Sharif that once the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam invited some guests. He explained to them, that for their supper they were to milk the goat and share the milk between themselves and keep one portion for the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam. One day the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to a sahaba’s house to sort out a private matter. A long time passed, the sahaba had milked the goat and drank their share. They kept the share of the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam aside and went to sleep. A long time passed. One sahaba says that the milk was in front of him and Shaitan came to him. The sahaba started thinking that the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam will not come without eating at the other sahaba’s house. So he drank the milk that was kept aside for the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam. Soon after he started to worry, ‘what if the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam returned home hungry? What if I upset him? What if I will have troubled him? I have drunk the milk and my stomach is full but what about my aakhirah? What of my love for the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam? The prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam gave me a place to sleep and food, and this is how I repay him?’

He started pacing the room, then he tried to sleep. He was resting on his mat and watched the following events occur. The prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam returned. He made salam as he would make salam – in such a way that those who were awake could here, but those who were asleep would not be disturbed. Then he went to the bowl that usually had his share of milk in it. When he saw that it was empty, the sahaba started to worry. Then the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam made wudhu and performed two rakaat salah (salatul hajah). Whenever you make wudhu perform two rakaat nafl salah (tahiyyatul wudhu). So the prophet performed salah sallallahu alyahi wa sallam and held his hands up to make dua. He said ‘O Allah, I am hungry’. He never said ‘O Allah I am a prophet, so send me down food from the sky’, but he made a humble request. He said ‘O Allah, feed those who feed me and give a drink to those who give me something to drink’. So the sahaba that quickly stood up and went to the goat. He saw that the goat was full of and dripping with milk, which was unusual as the goats barely gave milk once a day! So he went to get a big bowl, in which the family of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had never even thought to fill with milk because it was too big, and usually the goats produced little milk. The big bowl was filled with milk until it overflowed. The sahaba then ran to the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam with the bowl and stated laughing. He laughed so much he fell to the ground. So the prophet sallallahu alyahi wa sallam asked him what he was doing, and the reason for the laughter. The sahaba then explained the whole story and said when you made dua I knew your dua would not be unaccepted and turned away, so I ran to the goat.

This is the humility that is taught to us. Ask Allah with humility, with full hope and belief.

All the prophets asked with humility. When Musa Alayhis salaam was in need he made the dua ‘My lord, I am in absolute need of the good You send me’. He wasn’t only given food but also prophethood.

Make dua. Nowadays we constantly plan and take any action to help our situation and we tire when doing so! Then we decide to go to a Maulana to get a taweez. When you have any problem, the first action you should take is Dua! O Allah, grant me such-a-such thing. This was you will build your connection with Allah and your needs will also be fulfilled.

We have a major problem: when we have a problem we try everything we can think of. We go to a everyone we can think of, then in the end an old woman advises us to go to such-a-such a Maulana that gives a taweez. Astagfirulah!

If we ask Allah we will be successful! Don’t forget this. Through this we will also be able to achieve the status of wilayah if Allah wills, because our connection with his will increase!

May Allah give us tawfeeq

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