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The signs of the people of Jannah

Summary of Islahi Majlis

The signs of the people of Jannah

Those who have these three qualities will enter Jannah.

The first: is to thank Allah for blessings

The second: is to have patience at times of hardship.

There are two times in like: when you are free of trouble and hardship , and when you are in trouble and hardship.

There will never be a life completely free of hardship. If the prophets had hardship then who are we?

Hadhrat Thanwi RA narrates a story that there was once a man who was always in hardship. Everyone is in hardship, but he always felt it. So this man met Hadhrat Khidr AS and said make dua for me that I don't have any trouble or hardship. So Hadhrat Khidr said, 'Find any person who has no hardship, then return to me in three days'. So he went to look for someone. He found a shop that sold gold. He saw the owner sitting at ease and his workers around him. So he went to investigate about the man. He sat in his company and said that I have met a man whose duas are accepted, and I have decided that I want to be like you, and I will ask him to make dua for this. The man replied that don't make dua for this. Listen, I got married to a woman who is equal to me in beauty. After a while she fell very ill. One day she started crying and said after I die, you will remarry and forget me. So to ease her mind I had an operation to make myself infertile. Then my wife recovered and after a while she had an affair with her servant and became pregnant. She came to ask for a divorce. She is now living under my roof with her husband, the servant, and all these children are not mine.

So don't ever look at someone and think that they have everything.

Hadhrat Thanwi RA says there is a person who is very rich, but he can't eat or sleep. And there is another person who is poor, and sleeps on the streets, but he can eat till he is full and sleep contently.

If the poor person was asked if he would swap places for the money, he would refuse because of the inability to eat or sleep.

That person is not a person who does not remember Allah at the time of blessing or at the time of hardship.

The third:

to ask for forgiveness

Constantly ask for forgiveness.

It is not possible that someone asks Allah SWT for forgiveness with a pure heart and he is not forgiven

When you are ill, make dua, have medicine, go to the doctors, but never be ungrateful and complain.

There was once a very pious man who was bedridden for many years. When anyone would ask him regarding his health he would say 'Alhamdulillah'.

There was once a pious man who would eat an egg and tea without milk to break his fast. When the people around him told him that he was losing weight and should eat more, he said that he was tasting the sweetness of Jannah in this little food.

There was once a very ill man, that was told by the doctor that he only has four or five months to live. To the surprise of the doctor he exclaimed, 'four or five months! You have given me so long! We are told in the Ahadith that when we awake we should think that we may die before the evening and do such deeds' This pious man lived till four or five more years.

These are the people that have passed. The patience they had was amazing.

-Bear your hardship with patience

-Thank Allah for your blessings

-Do istighfaar on your sins

If we do these three things inshaAllah we will go to Jannah

May Allah give us tawfiq

Some duas Hadhrat made today:

O Allah give us tawfiq to thank You for the blessings you give us.

O Allah give us tawfiq to be patient at the time of hardship

O Allah cure those who are ill


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