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Shaikh Fareedudeen Attar RA says tread on the straight path then you will be successful.

Having humility is included in this. We should be humble in every action even in our speech. A husband shouldn't have pride over his wife and a wife shouldn't have pride over her wife. Don't start thinking that you own each other, understand that Allah owns you and you are His servants. Respect each other. وَلَا تَمْشِ فِي الْأَرْضِ مَرَحًا ۖ إِنَّكَ لَن تَخْرِقَ الْأَرْضَ وَلَن تَبْلُغَ الْجِبَالَ طُولًا[17:37]

If we respect each other, we will stop fighting and arguing.

Smile as you enter the house and as you leave the house.

When someone sits to give advice to others, then he should think that he is worse than all of those he is giving advice to. It is a huge sin to think everyone is worse than you. You are only giving the advice because we have been ordered by Allah SWT to do so.

Once Hadhrat Maulana Gangohi RA said in his gathering that I am most sinful out of all of you, then he retired to his room. The people who never understood, started talking amongst themselves saying that if he has said this he wouldn't lie, so he is probably like this. They started debating whether or not to do bay'ah with the shaikh. The other pious people explained to them that in reality he isn't, this is a sign of the immense humility of the shaikh that he tought himself to be worse than anyone else.

The prophet peace be upon him made this dua:

“ اللهم إنك تسمع كلامي ، وترى مكاني ، وتعلم سري وعلانيتي ، لا يخفى عليك شيء من أمري ، أنا البائس الفقير ، المستغيث المستجير ، الوجل المشق ، المقر المعترف بذنبي ، أسألك مسألة المسكين ، وأبتهل إليك ابتهال المذنب الذليل ، وأدعوك دعاء الخائف الضرير ، دعاء من خضعت لك رقبته ، وفاضت لك عيناه ، وذل لك جسده ، ورغم لك أنفه ، اللهم لا تجعلني بدعائك شقيا ، وكن بي رءوفا رحيما ، يا خير المسئولين ويا خير المعطين “

Allahumma innaka tasma'u kalaami, wa taraa makaani, wa ta'lamu sirriy wa alaaniyati, laa yakhfaa alayka shay'um min amri, wa a'naal baa'esul faqeer, al mustaghithul mustajeer, al wajilul mushfiqul muqqirrul mu'tarifu bidhambih. As aluka mas'alatal miskeen, wa ab'tahilu e'laykab tihaalal mudh-ni-bidh dhaleel, wa ad'aoka duaa'al khaa'efid dareer, wa duaa'a man khada'at laka raqabatuh, wa faadat laka abratuh, wa dhalla laka jismuh, wa raghima laka an'fuh. Allahumma laa taj'alni bi duaa'eka shaqiyya, wa qum bi ra'aofar rahimaa, yaa khayral mas'aoleen, wa yaa khayral mu'teen.

O Allah, You know my speech and behold my situation. You know my secret and open matters. None of my affairs is concealed from You. And I am the miserable, needy, suppliant, succor-seeking, fearful and anxious person who confesses his sins. I beg of You- the begging of the destitute. I implore You- the imploring of an abased sinner. And I make du'a to You- the du'a of the fearful afflicted person, whose neck is bowed down before You, whose body is humbled before You, and whose nose cleaves to the ground for You. O Allah, do not make me frustrated in my supplication to You. And be Compassionate and Merciful to me. O, the Best of those who are asked, and the Best of all who give. protection will be the easier for me. To listen to the dua follow the link:

Once a famous pious scholar was walking past another pious man. He expected him to say salam, but he didn't because he was so engrossed in doing dhikr. So the scholar asked the man why he didn't say salam. And if he was aware of who he was. The pious man replied saying yes, أوله نطفة وآخره جيفة at the beginning you are just sperm, at the end you become a corpse and in between this, there is not a moment that passes when you do not have dirt in your body [i.e stool etc].

This shows how humble we should be. One day we are going to die and our body will decompose. We have no reason to be proud.

May Allah give us tawfiq to eliminate pride from our hearts.

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