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Dhikr 2

Summary of majlis 23 August Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib DB Dhikr

By doing dhikr constantly, your hardships will be removed.

How do you know Allah is remembering you? Contentment of the heart is a sign that Allah is remembering you. When one is eating spicy food, his eyes may be watering, but he will continue eating it because he is enjoying it. In the same way, a pious person may be in an apparent hardship and distress but in reality, he is content and remembering Allah.

Hadhrat Thabit Bunani RA once told some one "I know when Allah is remembering me". He was asked how so. He replied saying, "I know that when I remember Allah then Allah is remembering me, because of the ayah "Remember me, I shall remember you"" Even the prophet peace be upon him had hardships. Once his blessed finger bled, another time he had a head ache. Before he passed away, he was unwell. This is so that he was in the highest stage [maqam al mahmood] as he passed away.

Whilst doing your day-to-day chores, you should remember Allah. It should be such that: Your hands are doing your chores, but your heart is with Allah. There should be some prayers that you recite daily with steadfastness.

When you are ill, your body may be ill, but your ruh is being fed because you're remembering Allah.

Shaikh Faridudeen Attar RA says "O Allah if I have friendship with you then I won't need a big palace. A jungle and a house will be the same, day and night will be the same, darkness and light will be the same. " May Allah give us the tawfiq to do dhikr constantly.

We should recite this dua "O Allah, grant me your most expansive provision in my old age and time of death"

Hadhrat DB mentioned that he was ready to leave for the airport when he took a fall. Hadhrat explained that we should not plan anything without saying inshaAllah, and that inshaAllah there may be a majlis next week

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