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Reciting Durood


Summary of the majlis

Hadhrat started by instructing the audience to recite durood thrice.

Recitation of durood is better than any other wazaaif (after the recitation of the Quran). We will be successful if we recite durood in this world and the hereafter. We will be content in this world and happy in the hereafter. Hadhrat Thanwi RA.

بعد از خدا بزرگ تویی قصه مختصر

It is impossible to give due praise to your glory, In short, after Allah, you are the most exalted!

Whenever a sahaba would address the prophet peace be upon him, they would start by saying, “may my mother and father be sacrificed for you” showing their immense love and respect for their beloved. If someone would sacrifice their parents, it shows that they would definitely sacrifice everything else too.

Hadhrat Jabir bin Abdillah al-Ansari RA once asked the prophet peace be upon him: “may my mother and father be sacrificed for you, what was the first thing that Allah SWT created?” The prophet peace be upon him replied saying “O Jabir, the first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet from His light, (i.e from his barakah)” there was no heaven or earth, but the nur of the prophet peace be upon him was created first. The blessed body of the prophet wasn’t created yet, his nur was created. No other prophet’s nur had been created yet. There was not, at that time, a Tablet or a Pen or a Paradise or a Fire or an angel or a heaven or an earth or any human being or jinn.

May Allah accept our listening of this. We should listen with the intention that Allah will accept our dua after we listen to this.

“O Allah send durood on the prophet peace be upon him, until it continues to be day or night, and also send durood on his family, and on those who sincerely worship Allah and on those who are present here, and order clouds of salutations from you perpetually, upon the prophet peace be upon him abundantly and gently. And upon his family and companions then upon those who follow him, the people of piety, knowledge, clemency and generosity. Be pleased with Abu Bakr, and Umar and with Uthman and Ali RA, the people of nobility.”

The ulama say that Hadhrat Shaikh Zakaria RA’s status was so great due to his constant recitation of durood.

May Allah give us tawfiq to appreiciete what we have been given

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