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The dua of khidr AS

Hadhrat Khidr as was doing tawaf and made this dua during tawaf (please note this is not an exact translation, just a close meaning): O Allah, there are so many people asking from You and You are listening to them all [whilst they are asking] altogether. And this isn’t difficult for You. O Allah, so many people are making dua asking from You, but You don’t make mistakes. O Allah, so many people are crying and begging of You, but You don’t get distressed. Grant me [the coolness of] Your pardon and [the sweetness of] Your mercy. (this dua is mentioned in Ruh alMa’ani). Sayyiduna Ali RA was close by and heard this dua. He requested Hadhrat Khidr (as) to repeat it. Hadhrat Khidr (as) then said that whoever recites this dua after fardh salah, his sins will be forgiven even if they are the amount of the leaves of the trees or the pebbles on the earth. It can’t be that we pray something once, we need to have consistency.

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