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The benefits of ayat alkursi and importance of staying away from sins

Summary of today’s majlis 21 June 2018 Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib Hafizahullah Every muslim should know ayat alkursi by heart. We should recite ayat al kursi after every salah. Whoever recites Ayatul-Kursi after a fardh salah, and dies before the next fardh salah, then he will enter Jannah. InshaAllah It was narrated from Ubayy ibn Ka’b that the Prophet ‎ﷺ asked him which aayah in the Book of Allaah was the greatest. He said, “Allaah and His Messenger know best.” He repeated it several times, then he said, “Aayat al-Kursiy.” The Prophet ‎ﷺ said, “Congratulations upon your knowledge O Abu’l-Mundhir. By the One in Whose hand is my soul, it has a tongue and two lips, and it glorifies the Sovereign (i.e., Allaah) at the foot of the Throne.” Allah ‎ﷻ also looks at the actions of our heart. As soon as we have a negative thought about another person we should pray اللهم قني شر نفسي One way to completely stop gheebah is to just not speak about anyone to others. Even if it is good. Don’t take out to talk about anyone at all. Shaytān makes us boast about our actions making us show off to others. The hidden actions are better- the ones between you and Allah ‎ﷻ. If we try to recite Quran all day we may be able to do it. The harder action would be to stay away from backbiting the whole day. We fast for the whole day- about 20 hours- we were able to do this, but would we be able to stay away from backbiting? Whenever islah is being done by a shaikh, the shaikh rarely looks at how much the mureed prays. He looks at his sins and how to get rid of them. We should pray but we should also stay away from sins. Until we don’t rectify the sins of our heart we cannot go ahead in deen. Imam Abu Hanifa ra said that he cannot think of one time in his life where he did gheebah about anyone. This is how he became Imam Abu Hanifa ra the great scholar! Some duas Hadhrat made: O Allah we are covered in sin from head to toe. Forgive us from Your mercy. O Allah we admit to our sins: we believe in Your mercy. Forgiveness can only be from Your mercy. Forgive us. Give us khatima bil khair. Accept our dua for the sake of the prophet ‎ﷺ 

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